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Calf Club Day 2020

UPDATE: CALF CLUB DAY    Tuesday 20 October

We can’t predict what COVID-19 Lockdown Level we may be in by Calf Club Day, but we encourage you to keep caring for your pets and keep your fingers crossed. We have to keep health and safety as our top priority.


  • If we are in Level 1 on 20 October, we can continue with Calf Club as planned.

  • If we are in Level 2 on 20 October, we will not be holding Calf Club Day at school. 


Info/demo session at school 11 September 12.15pm. Children and parents come and ask your Calf Club questions. 


Please return entry forms as soon as possible, so we can gauge numbers.  If you are not sure, add a note to the form. 


Take lots of photos and videos of you and your pet: caring for it, calling, leading, talking about it. If Calf Club doesn’t go ahead due to Level 2, we will use these videos and photos to celebrate your hard work and dedication.


If you have a calf, get onto http://calfclubnz.co.nz/ and register for the nationwide virtual calf club. Entries close 1 September. 


Any questions about Calf Club call/text Louise Morris 0274179659.