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Learning Through Play

At Elstow-Waihou School we are firm believers in learning through the use of exploratory play. Play-based learning is the stuff of curiosity and inquiry. During play-based learning the children explore their environment to find and manipulate objects and their properties. It exercises and encourages the use of imagination and allows the children to practise their social and communicative skills in a safe environment. Play-based learning provides situations where children are required to work together, problem solve and practise important skills such as conflict resolution and turn taking. We also believe that having play-based learning built in to the school programme allows for a smoother transition between early childhood and primary education.

In our junior school we have created a great exploratory play area. We are constantly searching for ideas and adding new objects and experiences for the children to interact with. We currently have a water play area with water troughs and a working cast iron hand pump. Our carpentry facilities with real tools, wood and nails for the children to use are really popular. We also have a sweet vertical strawberry garden, vegie patch, dress ups, bubble blowing, a multi-purpose green space, cars, dinosaurs, blocks, and an awesome play tent and much more. We are currently working on a cable reel fairy garden and an outdoor play kitchen.


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