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A-Z for Parents

The school must be notified of all student absences, either by note to the class teacher, by phoning the school office (07 – 884 5802) or emailing us at admin@elstow-waihou.school.nz For safety purposes, if any child is absent and without notification the school secretary will telephone shortly after 9.00 am.

On enrolling your child you will have provided information on any health concerns for your child. If there are any changes, contact us so that we can alter our records. Parents also need to inform the school annually of any medical conditions and supply any medication with correct dosages to the school office. Minor cuts and scratches are attended to at school. If the injury is serious or needs attending to, parents will be contacted so they can take their child to a doctor for treatment. Should the parent not be available, we will take the child to a doctor then make arrangements to contact parents. Every care is taken to minimise the possibility of accidents occurring to students during their daily attendance at school. However accidents sometimes happen and it is vital that we have at least two emergency contact numbers.

There are two buses servicing Elstow-Waihou School. The Waihou and Elstow bus run leave the school at 3.20 pm. Please see maps included in the Enrolment Pack for your child’s bus route. Contact Turley’s Bus Company should you need further clarification regarding the bus route or associated costs.

Every three years a Board of Trustees is elected and is responsible for the overall governance of the school. The Board comprises seven members – Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Health and Safety Officer, Property Officer, Principal and a Staff Elected Representative. Persons eligible for nomination to the Board can be parents or other community members. Our School is a place where parents, students and staff all feel they belong and that their input is valued. The Board of Trustees meets once a month. Parents are entitled and welcome to attend these meetings. A copy of the agenda is available prior to the board meetings from the office.

Calf Club is an annual community event that takes place usually at the start of term four. Children are encouraged to care for and present for judging either a; calf, lamb or kid. Elstow-Waihou School students participate in the Te Aroha District Group Day, which is a cluster of surrounding schools hosted in turn by participating schools.

We have an excellent Caretaker/Cleaner but the children are expected to assist with the general tidiness of the school, grounds and classes.

Trips of educational value are undertaken and encouraged. Parents are usually invited to help with transport and supervision. From time to time the school arranges activities such as shows or outings for which payment is required.

All students are expected to wear school uniforms in accordance of the school uniform policy. During swimming season children are expected to wear appropriate swimwear for a school situation. Please put your child’s name on all items that may be taken off at school, especially jerseys, jackets, footwear, hats etc.

Please refer to our Concerns and Complaints Policy. Please make initial contact with your classroom teacher and arrange a suitable time for discussion. If the issue is not resolved then make contact with the Principal.


In accordance with NAG 3, the Board of Trustees has set in place the following procedures in regard to Personnel and Employer Responsibilities.

  1. Concerns or complaints should in the first instance be discussed with the appropriate member of the school staff, by the complainant.
  2. If a mutually satisfactory outcome cannot be reached then a formal meeting should be arranged with the Principal as soon as practical.
  3. The Principal will attempt to resolve the issue after meeting with parties concerned.  He/she will record the reason for the meeting and agreements reached in a timely manner.
  4. The Principal will inform the Board Chair when parents have been contacted by the principal or a parent has contacted the principal to discuss a matter of concern.
  5. If the issue remains unresolved it should be referred in writing to the Chair of the Board of Trustees for discussion at the next monthly meeting. If appropriate the Board will elect to go into committee before discussion commences.  In exceptional circumstances an interim meeting may be called.
  6. As a good employer the Board of Trustees will adhere to the relevant sections of the employees’ Collective Employment Agreements when dealing with concerns and complaints.
  7. The Board will review the issue, taking any external advice as may be appropriate, and will then provide a written final response.

Staff and/or Board of Trustees members may bring concerns in the first instance to the Principal and/or Board Chair. If the matters of concern involve a staff member s/he can access the services of the NZEI. If the matter is raised by a Board member s/he can access the services of STA.
At every stage of the process opportunities for preventing similar issues from arising in the future should be identified and, where appropriate and documented.
For more information, please ask at the office.

The Board of Trustees expects that if School or individual’s property, either deliberately or by careless use is caused that natural justice follow and suitable reparation is made. To this end we expect that the cost of repairing or replacing what is damaged, is passed on to those responsible. We want our children to respect what belongs to us all and what belongs to others.

The Dental Therapist will visit the school annually in the Mobile Clinic or you can contact 0800TALKTEETH.

All teachers share playground duties during school hours. A teacher is available to all children at all times. During wet weather, lunches will be eaten in the classroom. A teacher is on gate duty after school each day. Children are dismissed from school when their parent has arrived to collect them, usually from the netball court area.

All enrolments are made at the school office, phone 07 884 5802 or email admin@elstow-waihou.school.nz for further information regarding enrolments. As a Ministry of Education directive, we now have to hold an immunisation register at the school. All new entrants will be asked for an immunisation certificate confirming they are fully immunised. In the absence of a certificate, parents must show their Plunket Book where immunisations should be recorded.

The enviro-schools programme is a key part of our curriculum delivery and is an integral part of our school culture. Our school is certified as a Silver Award winner. We prioritise a clean, safe, sustainable environment.

Elstow-Waihou School has an active PTA (Parent Teacher Association). The P.T.A is primarily established to raise funds for the school, organise social and community events and discuss current school issues. We warmly welcome parents to join in and support the PTAs fundraising.

We believe that homework is a great time for parents and children to read and share their learning together. Class teachers will set a range of activities each week for homework.

Children are allowed into classrooms from 8:30 in the morning and will be supervised while waiting for their parents or caregivers until 3:30pm.

Students are divided into four houses – Kahikatia (Blue), Tanekaha (Green), Miro (Yellow) and Rata (Red). The house system encourages leadership, teamwork and healthy competition. House points are allocated for; achievement and participation in sporting events and tabloid sports and positive behaviour shown during class and playground times. Children are encouraged to wear their school colours during inter-house competition days.

We have a very extensive school library. All classes have regular periods at the library and students are able to withdraw books. Please ensure that books are returned promptly and that they are well cared for.

Elstow-Waihou has a school uniform. It is imperative that all clothing be NAMED. Lost property is stored in the hall.

The Years Seven and Eight children attend Manual Technology Classes at Te Aroha College. There is a technology fee of $20.00 per student per term to cover costs. Turley’s buses transport the students to and from the College.

School newsletters are sent home to parents each Friday. Our newsletters aim to keep you informed about current and forthcoming school events and on the direction and purpose of school programmes. Parents or organisations that wish to have items included in the newsletters should contact the office with details. Special notices are sent out in addition to the weekly newsletter should the need arise. Parents may wish to receive their newsletter by email, please arrange at the school office. The newsletter is also posted on our school website, www.elstow-waihou.school.nz

  • put away play things when not using them?
  • take off and put on outer garments without help?
  • know how to wash and dry hands and remember to flush the toilet without help?
  • know how to hold scissors and how to use them?
  • know how to sit and listen to a story?
  • recognise and write their name in writing?
  • look after own belongings?

Knowledge of these tasks would give your child a great start at school.

Elstow-Waihou School requires accurate information in order to communicate with parents/caregivers, to determine appropriate educational and pastoral support needs and to complete statistical returns. The Privacy Act 1993 places rules on the collection, use, storage and access of information that is received at enrolment, and from student academic records. All reasonable care is taken in the collection, storage and security of the information. From time to time it needs to be updated. Individuals have the right of access to personal information through the Principal who is the Elstow-Waihou School Privacy Officer. At the discretion of the Principal, under section 76 and section 77 of the Education Act 1989, this information may be shared with the following groups of professionals on a need to know basis: school staff, Specialist Education Services, Public Health Nurse and Doctors, Ministry of Education, Children and Young Persons and their Families Service, Police and other professionals approved by the Principal. If you do not wish personal information to be released, for a specific purpose, then contact with the Principal should be made.

Bible in Schools is held in Junior and Middle School classes, with the Board of Trustees approval, on Fridays between 12.45 and 1.15pm. The lessons, taken by outside volunteers, are non-denominational and follow a plan set out by the New Zealand Christian Council of Churches. 

The system of reporting to parents occurs in several ways.

  • Newsletters keep parents up to date with school events and happenings.
  • Written reports are issued twice a year (Mid-Year and End of Year)
  • Parent interviews
  • Portfolios

School fees are set by the Board of Trustees which is a donation that is used to subsidise the administrative and general expenses incurred. A fee is set at $20 per child per term to a maximum of $200.

Start of School - 9.00 am 
Morning Tea - 10.30 - 11.00 am
Lunch - 12.30 - 1.20 pm
End of School - 3.00 pm
Buses Depart - 3.20 pm

Elstow-Waihou students take a full part in the school, Te Aroha Primary School Cluster and Thames Valley Sports Events. Parents assist us by coaching a wide variety of sports. The role that parents play in offering their expertise and support is much appreciated.

Children with special need are catered for in classroom programmes. The school is also able to access assistance from outside agencies to help with your child’s learning.

We have a number of Special Programmes such as; a whole school Kapahaka programme, we also offer a choice of choir, participation in a wide range of sporting competitions and art and cultural competitions. Our school excels across many sports, art and cultural activities.

A stationery list is handed out at the beginning of each year. Stationery items can be purchased through the school. Parents are invoiced for stationery that is obtained through the school office.

As a school we believe that every child has the right to learn and feel safe at school. Teaching and learning should be a respectful, joyful and engaging experience. Every child has the right to learn and every child has the responsibility to ensure that the school and classes can operate in an orderly and respectful way. The Elstow-Waihou Behaviour Management Plan clearly outlines behaviour expectations and consequences, please ask for a copy if you would like further clarification.

The school expects and encourages children to wear hats and sunscreen and eat lunch in the shade. During the hotter months, sporting activities are scheduled in the morning where possible. We expect parents and caregivers to provide their child with sunhats and sunscreen.

Swimming is an essential part of the school curriculum. During the swimming season all children are expected to bring their togs to school every day and participate in group and class lessons. Should there be a reason for non-participation, please either phone or write a note to the teacher.

During the summer holidays our swimming pool is open for community use. Please see the office for prices and duration of opening times.

The school may have two or three days per year for whole school teacher in-service training and reporting to parents. These days are determined as early as practicable and published in the school newsletter. On these days the children are not required to attend school.

Elstow-Waihou Uniform is compulsory for all children. The uniform consists of Maroon; polo shirt, long sleeve polar fleece sweatshirt and jacket. Students wear black; shorts, skirts, skorts, bike pants or pants – no jeans allowed.

In the summer terms of 1 and 4 students are to wear a school hat. Winter footwear will consist of black, grey or white socks with black shoes or sports shoes. The school encourages students to wear a sports singlet for PE/Sports events. The Uniform Shop is open between 8.30-9.00 am on Monday. Year 5-8 students are to have a change of clothes every day for fitness and PE.

Jewellery, make up and nail polish are not permitted at school.

If your child brings something precious from home or money we ask that you or your child informs the class teacher. However, teachers take no responsibility for items lost, stolen or broken.

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