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A full list of our teaching, leadership and administration staff.

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Sandy Stirling (Principal) principal@elstow-waihou.school.nz

Leading our school is a privilege. It’s amazing overseeing our staff, tamariki, and community connecting for quality educational outcomes.

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Wendy Oliver (Deputy Principal & Year 7 - 8 Teacher) wendy@elstow-waihou.school.nz

An active listener, problem solver and communicator. Enjoys fun and laughter and engaging with learners of all ages.

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Lydia Lester (Year 5 - 6 Teacher) lydia@elstow-waihou.school.nz

Successful learning happens when we feel safe, engaged and motivated in a fun, meaningful way.

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Darren Conder (Year 4 - 5 Teacher) darren@elstow-waihou.school.nz

A sport and enviro specialist dedicated to supporting children in their learning journeys.

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Louise Wood (Year 3 Teacher) louisew@elstow-waihou.school.nz

Committed to supporting all our children in a fun-filled hands-on learning environment.  

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Deane Scott (Assistant Principal & New Entrant Teacher) deane@elstow-waihou.school.nz

Awesome new entrant teacher. Exploratory play maestro. Beard enthusiast. Loves making, creating and environmental education. Purveyor of fine education.

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Rachel Barker (Year 1 Teacher) rachel@elstow-waihou.school.nz

A numeracy and literacy specialist who enjoys supporting children with tailored programmes and fun!

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Laura Gregory (STEAM & Year 2 / 3 Teacher) laurag@elstow-waihou.school.nz

A team player who takes great pleasure in supporting children to reach their personal best.

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Louise Morris ( Year 5 - 8 Release Teacher) louise@elstow-waihou.school.nz

Dedicated to supporting student's learning in an engaging and meaningful way.

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Kat Dixon ( Year 0-2 Release Teacher) kat@elstow-waihou.school.nz

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Jocelyn Legg Administration Manager

I'm here to help, support, assist and advise to enable our children to grow into STAR's

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Gina Armstrong, Sarah Simmonds, Te Wai O'Neill, Nicola Satherley Teaching & Learning Support Staff






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