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Welcome to STEAM HQ! A place where SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, the ARTS, and MATHEMATICS are explored and combined for a deeper, more enriching learning experience and to allow all students to explore their strengths and experience success. Giving students the opportunity to connect ideas, knowledge and techniques from Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics and combine them in new and interesting ways, empowers students to see curriculum learning as relevant and connected, and not just a series of stand-alone subjects.


STEAM HQ students, “STAR STEAMERS”, are local and global citizens who can participate in and contribute to society. To tackle the big issues facing society, we need problem-solvers, innovators, critical and creative thinkers who can challenge existing thinking, ask new questions and explore innovative solutions. Questions, not answers, drive thinking. So instead of focusing on memorising the answers to problems someone else has already solved, STAR STEAMERS develop the curiosity to ask questions; to wonder how and why something works, and then use this knowledge in a new and creative way. Success in STEAM HQ is when a student’s curiosity, creativity and critical thinking and innovation have been ignited through authentic and experiential learning opportunities.


To support curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, we created a STEAM DESIGN PROCESS:


Writing templates support students’ thinking at each stage of the design process. Students’ writing is developed and strengthened by providing an authentic purpose and opportunity for writing.

I wonder what our creative and innovative students will explore and create next?! Check in regularly to follow their journeys (and maybe even learn something new yourself!) 

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