Contact: Louise Morris

Cost: Entry fee is free

Training/Matches/ Tournaments: Competition is in Term 2

Ages: Ages 8 and up

Other information: Agrikids is a regional kids version of Young Farmer of the Year 

Competition with children being tested on their farming knowledge and skills


Contact: Darren Conder (Room 2) Sports Co-ordinator

Cost: School-based activities are free

Training/Matches/ Tournaments: Term 4

Ages: all ages


Contact: Darren Conder / Maree Stewart

Cost: $15 per term

Training/Matches/ Tournaments: Weekly at Te Aroha College gymnasium

Ages: Year 7/8

Other information: Competition held in Term 2 and 4

Bus Monitors

Contact: Wendy Oliver

Ages: Year 7-8

Other information: Bus monitors ensure that the health, safety, well-being and behaviour of Elstow-Waihou students is at a high standard while travelling on the bus.

Calf Club

Contact: Allie Andersen

Cost: Free entry

Ages: all ages

Other information: Calf Club is a great way for your child to get involved with raising and caring for a calf, lamb or kid. Children enter competitions at school, inter-school and regional levels

Camp (E.O.T.C)

Contact: (Year 0-4) camp Deane Scott or Senior Camp (Year 5-8) Wendy Oliver

Cost: Depending on camp and duration


Contact: Donna Manktelow Room 3

Cost: Free

Participation in Kids for Kids and Christmas Choir

Ages: 6 and up


Contact: Darren Conder

Cost: $10 – 20 per season

Training /Matches /Tournaments: Saturday mornings

Ages: Year 3 - 8

Other information: Term 1 and 4

Cross Country

Contact: Darren Conder

Cost: Free

Training /Matches / Tournaments: All training at school and competitions events during the school day.

Ages: 5-13 yrs

Other information: School event, District event, Thames Valley event Domain Day


Contact: Darren Conder

Ages:  All ages

Other information: Elstow-Waihou School is a Silver Award endorsed by Enviro-school 


Contact: Lynsey Spice

Cost: In school activities free 

Training/Matches/ Tournaments: Gymsports Term 3

Ages: All ages

Other information: Gymsports is an inter-school and regional competition involving gymnasts presenting hip hop, aerobics and cheerleading routines


Contact: Darren Conder

Training/Matches/ Tournaments: Term 2 and 3

Indoor Bowls

Contact: Darren Conder

Cost: Free

Training / Matches / Tournaments: All held within the school day

Ages: Year 7/8

Other information: Local inter-school competition held on Friday 18 September 2015

Jump Jam

Contact: Donna Manktelow


Contact: Sarah Simmonds


Ages All


Contact: Darren Conder 

Ages: 5 years and older

Other information: Games held at Te Aroha Netball Centre on Saturdays from 9.00 am


Contact: Darren Conder or Andrew Bell

Cost: $45 per season

Training: Tuesday and Thursday 3.15 – 5.00pm at Boyd Park

Ages: 5 – 13 years

Other information: Games held each Saturday beginning at 9am or 10am during the winter months


Contact: Darren Conder 

Cost: $55 per season

Training: Monday and Wednesday evenings. Club night on Thursday evenings 

Ages: 5 years and older


Contact: Darren Conder

Get moving: Contact Mr Conder our Sports Co-ordinator on 884 5802 for details

Cost: Free

Other information: Children may choose to further their triathlon skills and enter the Sanitarium Triathlon in Term 1 as a number of our children do

UNSW Assessment

Contact:  Wendy Oliver

Cost:  Prices set for each year

Ages:  Year 4-8

Young Leaders

Contact:  Wendy Oliver

Cost:  Prices set for each year

Ages:  Year 7-8

Other information: There is a Young Leaders Conference held in a major centre. The school sends a delegation each year for the conference.