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STEAM Workshop

The STEAM workshop

On the 1st of March 5 librarians from the Lighthouse went to the STEAM alive workshop at Southwell school. The workshop’s purpose was to show schools how to introduce STEAM to their school. We learnt how lucky we are to have STEAM as a program during class time and have a whole class room for it  while other schools don’t have STEAM yet or it’s only in a library corner.
By Daniel

Build a bridge out of popsicle sticks

One of the STEAM challenges was to build a bridge out of Popsicle sticks, suspended on three cups. The bridge had to be strong enough to hold a fourth cup on the center.

This involved some problem-solving, engineering and most importantly, teamwork. We had a total of three attempts of trying to place the cup on the sticks before we finally succeeded without the bridge collapsing.

The experience was great and we became a real team during this activity. By Vanessa

Using Makey Makey

At this STEAM challenge we had to make 6 different notes using Makey Makey.

Makey Makey are electronic wires that are used with a device to make an electronic circuit.We learnt how some materials are conductors or insulators of electricity. We used playdough as a conductor and were able to make a note play on our device when we touched the playdough. By Amber

Build the tallest structure

One of our STEAM challenges was to build the tallest structure out of skewers and rubber bands. After lots of trial and error, we discovered that we had to tie the skewers together with the rubber bands, to make our structures sturdier and to support more wait. By Zeke