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Learning Selection Coding


A selection code is a series of options, creating an advanced code, leading to a solution.  It will fit your circumstances which you can programme into technology. 
An every day example of a selection code is:

Friends Hangout

If my friend is free in the holidays, hangout.
If else, change days.
Else, don't hang out.
By Florencia.

By Riley & Emma

A selection code is very advanced it helps you to make and search for solutions and make decisions. 

Going to the pools 

If sunny go to the pools.
Else if, sunny but it is winter go to the hot pools.
Else, go to the hot pools or the pools another weekend.
By Alex W


Making Coffee 

If all the ingredients make coffee.
Else if, no milk use almond milk.
Else if, no coffee beans use almonds
Else, be sad and go without.

By Raff


By Zeke & Tabby

What to do on a weekend?

If sunny, play on the tramp.
Else if, rainy, play Minecraft inside.
Else, play with my cat inside.

By Emma R